Man accused of sex trafficking 15-year-old tells judge hes a good man in a misunderstood situation


A man accused of child sex trafficking has said he is a “good man in a misunderstood situation” in a letter to a judge pleading for his freedom.

Malik McCaster, 21, has also been charged with child exploitation and possessing or producing child pornography.

His 15-year-old alleged victim was a runaway from home and met Mr McCaster at a firework display, police said. 

After offering her a lift home, he is said to have thrown away her mobile phone and kidnapped her. 

It is alleged Mr McCaster held the victim at a Michigan hotel and coerced her into sex and sold her body to other men through an online classifieds service. 

He was arrested after the alleged victim escaped and alerted a motel guest, who called the police. 

Mr McCaster has been held without bond since being charged on 31 July, according to local reports.

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In a letter to the judge, Mr McCaster pleaded with him to allow him to be released from jail.

“I am no saint neither am I perfect,” he wrote. “I ask that you judge me as a innocent man until proven guilty.”

Mr McCaster said he had no criminal record and was studying digital media and computer software.  He also wrote about his family responsibilities and roofing job. 

“I ask that you can find it in your heart to give me a bond so that I can get back to my job, school and my family.

“I have a lot of responsibility on the outside life that I cannot keep under control while I am here.”

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He added: “I just ask that you try to understand a good man in a misunderstood situation.”

Police said evidence was found on Mr McCaster’s phone that the victim had been advertised on Craigslist. 

There were also intimate recordings of her performing sex acts on him, police said. 


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